Even innings



                Aurora Central Catholic’s varsity softball team has had a season like no other. This even aged team of 3 freshmen, 4 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 3 seniors, have spent a long season bridging many gaps in the game and in the dugout.

                With a team this diverse there was bound to be gaps of some sort. The hardest was said to be social; finding common ground that wasn’t a softball field.  They quickly learned, however, how important teamwork is in this sport where without the support of your defense, a game could go on forever.  The team’s priceless pitching also played a key role in the Chargers’ defensive strategies. Of their rostered pitchers “Paige [Miller] is definitely our go-to girl,” Coach Hal says fondly of his underclassmen pitchers, “Emma [Baxter] has also stepped up real big and thrown some great games for us.” All in all it is the team alongside their pitcher that work together to win games and the Chargers made sure they did their best to make that happen.

                This year’s team must sadly say goodbye to their 3 senior Chargers Ally Kane, Allie Lundquist, and Amber Konen. The “3 amigos” as Coach Hal likes to call them, are what makes this team fun. “They actually taught me that you can have fun and still work hard,” says Coach, which is what any sport is really about. Though the number may be small, the memories these seniors have left behind are as big as the outfield sky. As another successful softball season comes to a close, the strength of the Charger nation will always remain.


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This was great Natalie! There

This was great Natalie! There are a few awkward sentences where you’re missing a conjuction or a word, but the tone of this was nice. Good job!

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Good article! I really liked

Good article! I really liked the angle you took.

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I really liked how you wrote

I really liked how you wrote it looking past the differences of age.  i was just confused on who said the quote in the last paragraph.

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I liked how you threw

I liked how you threw something in there about the seniors! Nice job :)