April showers bring floods

     April showers bring May flowers. That’s what we tell ourselves when bad weather hits in April. But this April, that was taken to the extreme. Starting Aril 15th, it started raining, and for nearly the rest of the week, it didn’t stop. 
      Practices and games were cancelled for most ACC sports teams as fields flooded and the rain became too dangerous to play in. Many teams could be found practicing inside, sharing space in the gym or practicing in the halls. Outside, the soccer and baseball fields became mud-covered Slip-N-Slides, and the track was covered in tons of worms. Giant puddles throughout the parking lot made entering and leaving it even more difficult. Toward the end of the week, many students and teachers couldn’t be found at school due to flooding in their areas. 
      All through Aurora, and in numerous cities surrounding it, people lost their furniture, belongings, carpet, and more due to floods in and around their houses. People’s basements flooded with rain water, sewer water, or a combination of both, sometimes reaching over six inches of water. Roads were closed; bike paths were unusable, and rivers reached record highs. People have been saying that they haven’t seen floods this bad and the water this high since the flood of 1996. 
      In the weeks following, many people in the Chicagoland area will be working hard to clean up their houses, yards, and communities. Basements will be cleaned, stripped, and redone. Even though many memories have been lost in this flood, new ones will be made as friends and family work together.

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Informative and well

Informative and well rounded…good job Annabel. Just watch the fourth sentence “april”

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In the first sentence in the

In the first sentence in the paragraph that starts with “All through Aurora…” you forgot the word “to” after “due”, just to let you know.  But overall, this was nicely done; I liked the description of the damages that was not boring :)