Encouraging educators everywhere


They give advice.They help out with personal and academic problems.They grade worksheets, reports, and projects. They spend time creating lesson plans. They’re available before, during, and after school. Lecturing and giving out homework are also part of their job descriptions. They deal with energetic children or obnoxious teenagers every day because they want to, which is pretty unbelievable. Know who I’m talking about yet?

Teachers may be some of the most helpful people on the planet. Without teachers, you wouldn’t be educated. You probably wouldn’t graduate if teachers didn’t do their jobs. You might not know how to read, write, or use proper grammar, and most likely wouldn’t get into a good college if teachers weren’t around.

Now think about this: how often do you actually thank your teachers? Do you ever tell them you appreciate what they do? National Teachers Appreciation Day was on May 7, and it got me thinking. What do good teachers do? Well, good teachers inspire you, not only to succeed in your classes, but also to succeed in life. Good teachers help you choose the career that’s right for you, and help you on your way there. They offer kind words of advice and encouragement. Our teachers are patient, thoughtful, and are always willing to help. They teach us responsibility, and how to deal with different situations, in and out of the classroom. And I think almost every teacher has, in one way or another, taught every one of us something about time management.

It seems to me that teachers are not appreciated as much as they should be. They deal with moody teenagers all day long, but I don’t hear them complain as much as I’d expect. I know there’s a teacher (or two!) in this school or a different one that has really taught you something, so let them know. It might sound kind of cheesy, but you will make their day by letting them know they’re appreciated. I’d like to say something to every teacher and staff member at ACC. And even though students don’t say if often enough, we mean it: thank you.

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The title is kind of boring,

The title is kind of boring, but I can’t think of anything better at the moment.  Suggestions?

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awesome article! It really

awesome article! It really got me thinking. And your right …teachers do help us a lot!